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Generous donations to the Sierra County Land Trust have been made in honor of:

The Nielsen family
John Shinn
Husband and son of Sara Hunt

"who loved these mountains"

Galileo, Niccolo, and Giulio
Dave Rothman
Salmon Lake Lodge and Christian Family
Abigail and River Henselman
Walter and Marie Wright
The Browning family
George and Thad Hale
Don and Jane Houser
The Phil Rush family
Cornelius P. Murphy
Janice Louise Sears
Roy Greva


Generous donations to the Sierra County Land Trust have been made in memory of:

Judge Winslow Christian
Dorothy Hunt
Phyllis O'Gara Currens
Marguerite Lemmon
Bill MacQuattie, Packer Lake Lodge

Linda Martin
George H Hale III
Pete and Flo Bates
Marty Rice
Hugh Edwards
Kenneth Evans
Malcolm McGregor
Madeline Muller Hibbards
Maureen Rodriguez
Yank Koyasako
Abbott Garcia
Kathy B. Hood
John C. Britton
Forest Scholpp
Fred and Inga Cornell
Rob and Helen Ahrens
Easton and Virginia Rothwell
Dr. Joseph A. Abbott
Jane McCarthy Stevens
Mary and Dan Pfiefer
Nancy Lee and Eric Manela
Ernst Gloe
Eugene Abbott
Kenneth J. Evans
Abbott Marshall Garcia
Donald Andrews
Pentti Hirvonen
  “In memory of may father, who took me to the
   Lakes basin for the first time around 1966.” Dorothy Hunt
Chandler Hunt
Inga and Fred Cornell
Leigh Trowbridge
Jerry and Marge Trumbly
Kathleen King
Bob Taylor
Hunter McCreary
James Bernard Crowley
Steve Bates
Phoebe Omein
Joanne Patheal
Terminator the Bear
Dolores Hertzberg
Phoebe Omein
Gregory Carl Trindle
Dr. Dick Svihus
Marisa Suzuki
Elizabeth Wiard
Greta Alexander
Stephen Spalsbury
Lionel Brooks
Flo Knopp


The following are patrons of the Sierra County Land Trust:

  • Megan Christian and Kenneth Wright
  • The family of Phyllis O'Gara Currens
  • The Hunt family
  • Bill MacQuattie
  • Maureen Meikle
  • The Parsons family
  • Nancy and John Wagner
  • The Trust for Public Land
  • The Rose Foundation
  • Susan Hopkins
  • Peter Davis
  • Sterling Speirn


June, 2021
Season Opening Newsletter

Dear friends!

Hello all!
Looks like this summer will be fairly normal!

Covid Update
---Most of Sierra County’s restaurants and all of the lodging will be open this season. 

---Sierra County has had 112 total cases of Covid, 45 cases in Western Sierra County, no deaths.

---It is expected that California will lift the no mask mandate on June 15, shops and restaurants will be open at full capacity. OSHA may still require masking of non-vaccinated restaurant employees. Protocol at lodging will vary with each business.

Here is the latest Sierra County Land Trust news:

120 acres added to Land Trust holdings
We closed escrow in January on the 120 acre Smailes property at the top of Ladies Canyon in the Packer Saddle/Lookout Tower area. One of the goals for our Sierra Buttes/Lakes Basin work is to protect the important watershed and recreational lands in the Packer Saddle Area as public open space. Thanks to this acquisition, funded by the California Natural Resources Agency with voter authorized Proposition 68 funds, we are closer to meeting this goal.

Fuel Reduction
Also on Packer Saddle, we recently completed our first fuel reduction project. When you are on the top of Packer Saddle check out the “light on the land” approach our crews used in the A-93 corridor. Their goal was to retain the natural park like setting.

New federal and State goals - 30 x 30:
Preserve 30% of land in open space within 30 years.

To carry out this exciting and ambitious climate change adaptation goal, the California State budget for 2021-2022 includes generous new funding for open space acquisition. Our statewide land trust and environmental organizations have done an excellent job lobbying for these funds. The Sierra County Land Trust will be there when the applications for the grant programs to implement 30 x 30 are issued!

Stop by our office
We will have someone at our office in the old Wells Fargo building across from the Red Moose Café in Sierra City most Saturday mornings this season. Stop in!

It has been a rough year. I have to admit, absolutely everything has been more difficult, even running a small land trust. So it is wonderful to be looking forward to a post pandemic season and beyond.

I hope you, your family, and friends enjoy every rejuvenating moment of your visits this summer and whatever this next year brings.

And, as always thank you for your ongoing support.

Laurie Oberholtzer
Executive Director

Sierra County Land Trust Volunteers Needed and Appreciated.
Please call if you are hankering to volunteer with us.

Sierra County Land Trust, PO Box 404, Sierra City, CA 96125  (530) 990-8043     email:

Have a great summer!