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Generous donations to the Sierra County Land Trust have been made in honor of:

The Nielsen family
John Shinn
Husband and son of Sara Hunt

"who loved these mountains"

Galileo, Niccolo, and Giulio
Dave Rothman
Salmon Lake Lodge and Christian Family
Abigail and River Henselman
Walter and Marie Wright
The Browning family
George and Thad Hale
Don and Jane Houser
The Phil Rush family
Cornelius P. Murphy
Janice Louise Sears
Roy Greva


Generous donations to the Sierra County Land Trust have been made in memory of:

Judge Winslow Christian
Dorothy Hunt
Phyllis O'Gara Currens
Marguerite Lemmon
Bill MacQuattie, Packer Lake Lodge

Linda Martin
George H Hale III
Pete and Flo Bates
Marty Rice
Hugh Edwards
Kenneth Evans
Malcolm McGregor
Madeline Muller Hibbards
Maureen Rodriguez
Yank Koyasako
Abbott Garcia
Kathy B. Hood
John C. Britton
Forest Scholpp
Fred and Inga Cornell
Rob and Helen Ahrens
Easton and Virginia Rothwell
Dr. Joseph A. Abbott
Jane McCarthy Stevens
Mary and Dan Pfiefer
Nancy Lee and Eric Manela
Ernst Gloe
Eugene Abbott
Kenneth J. Evans
Abbott Marshall Garcia
Donald Andrews
Pentti Hirvonen
  “In memory of may father, who took me to the
   Lakes basin for the first time around 1966.” Dorothy Hunt
Chandler Hunt
Inga and Fred Cornell
Leigh Trowbridge
Jerry and Marge Trumbly
Kathleen King
Bob Taylor
Hunter McCreary
James Bernard Crowley
Steve Bates
Phoebe Omein
Joanne Patheal
Terminator the Bear
Dolores Hertzberg
Phoebe Omein
Gregory Carl Trindle
Dr. Dick Svihus
Marisa Suzuki
Elizabeth Wiard
Greta Alexander
Stephen Spalsbury
Lionel Brooks
Flo Knopp


The following are patrons of the Sierra County Land Trust:

  • Megan Christian and Kenneth Wright
  • The family of Phyllis O'Gara Currens
  • The Hunt family
  • Bill MacQuattie
  • Maureen Meikle
  • The Parsons family
  • Nancy and John Wagner
  • The Trust for Public Land
  • The Rose Foundation
  • Susan Hopkins
  • Peter Davis
  • Sterling Speirn


June, 2023

Dear friends!

Here is the latest Sierra County Land Trust news:

The big news is the snow! The Gold Lake Rd. has not yet opened from the Sierra City side. It is plowed to Haskell Peak Rd. (09 Road) which is before Salmon Creek Rd. 4 feet of snow at that point still! It is now plowed to the county line from the Plumas County, Graegle side.

Sierra Buttes Road parcel grant awarded!
The Sierra Nevada Conservancy just awarded us a grant to purchase a property on the southwest side of the Buttes above Sierra City along Reis Ravine Creek. This is part of the old Sierra Buttes Mine holdings and is important to preserving the viewshed of Sierra City and the Pacific Crest Trail as well as to manage the wildland/urban interface with Sierra City. The beginnings of an open space preserve on this side of the Buttes!

Haskell Peak/ Howard Creek Meadow parcel field work this summer
We were awarded a grant to purchase 160 acres on the east side of the Lakes Basin last year. This summer we will do various environmental studies on the property to establish baseline conditions and we expect to close escrow around the end of this year.

The office is looking good!
Our new office space across from the old Buckhorn in Sierra City has been painted and refurbished and we will be opening it over the next few weeks. (The Little Blue House at 220 Main St, Hwy. 49). Come visit us any weekend. Call if you would like to meet us there at other times (530) 990-8043). Most of the building will still be rented to a long term residential tenant. We will use the front room on the street for our seasonal office.

Ranger Chris
Our Ranger Chris Campbell has been doing a great job watching over the properties. Don’t forget to contact us when you need a ride to Volcano Lake or a tour of any of our properties! Chris represents us at the Sierra County Fire Safe Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Fire Department and all around town. And he can even work on our Polaris when needed!


As you know, we are a small group with a big goal…. protecting the entire Sierra Buttes/Lakes Basin area and other lands in western Sierra County. We have been successful in raising $8 million in State grants for land acquisition since 2005. As a result, your support has directly preserved 1,800 acres of the Sierra Buttes/Lakes Basin. Your annual contribution is critical to cover essential upfront costs which will help us protect even more land. Please give me a call if you have any questions.  And thank you, as always, for your generosity! 

Laurie Oberholtzer
Executive Director

P.S.  You can also donate online ( with a credit card via PayPal. Yes, we do accept stock transfers. Please call for additional information if you would like to become a Patron with your name on our signs or to include us in your estate planning.  Thank you!        
            Remember to keep an eye on the 900Alert webcam at the Lookout:

Restaurant Schedules and Lodging in the Basin and Sierra City 2023

In the Basin:
-Sardine Lake Lodge.  The lake has been thawed for 2 weeks and is open for fishing!  Restaurant is open for their always fabulous dinners with a 5 star view. 6 and 8 pm dinner seatings. The unsurpassed Boat House bar opens at 5 pm. Closed for dinner Mondays and Tuesdays.  Always open for boat rentals, bait, and beverages.  Cabin availabilities are posted online now.  Restaurant closing this year is Saturday, Oct 14.  (530) 862-1196.

-Packer Lake Lodge:  We believe the restaurant and bar will still be closed this season. (530) 862-1221 or (650) 649-8076 pre-season.

-Gold Lake Lodge:  Lodge and restaurant are opening late due to snow - June 30. Meals (breakfast and dinner) are open to non-cabin guests and are a real deal!  Fun, casual family style seating.  Home style cooking.  You will be served by Rob’s wife and 4 daughters.  Call for dinner reservations.  Breakfast 7:30 to 9:00 am, no reservations needed.  Dinner seating with reservations 5:30 and 7:30 seatings.  Sometimes cabins are available at short notice throughout the summer.  Closes Sept. 10 this year. (530) 836-2350.  Rob Reminger and family. (530) 836-2350.

-Elwell Lodge just opening this week.  3 weeks late due to snow.  A historic gem. Closing Sept 24.  Very difficult to get last minute reservations this year due to late opening (530) 836-2347.  No restaurant.

-Gray Eagle Lodge: Opened June 1.  Lots of snow still on the ground.   Gourmet dinners…amazing desserts.  Dinner seatings every 15 minutes from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Full bar! 7 days per week.  Close date: Oct. 8.  (530) 836-2511.

-Bassetts Station: Becky and Tim Robinson are the new owners and have done a major remodel in the store, café, kitchen, and rental rooms.  Open now 8 am - 6 pm every day for breakfast and lunch. Café closes at 4 pm.   Gasoline pumps now also have diesel and are on card lock!  The store has an expanded wine section and lots of new gift shop items.  (530) 862-1297.

In Sierra City:
-Sierra Pines lodging and restaurant open now. Restaurant open 7 days/week. Breakfast 8 am – 11 am, Dinner 5 pm – 8 pm.   A Lakes Basin classic, not to be missed. Fresh trout from the pond. The outside tables next to the trout pond have been kept post Covid.  They also host weddings and can cater your event.  Keep an eye out for occasional Music in the Meadow. (July 4 will be a special one with BBQ.) Lodging also available after main season closes. Cindy and Glen, (530) 862-1151. 

-The Buckhorn “block”  ( 3 buildings) is being renovated by artist Richard Carter who purchased it all.  He also owns the trailer park. His plan is to reopen the Buckhorn as the restaurant it once was, including upstairs dining.  Upstairs will also have 2 apartments for employees. We all watched with interest the renovations last summer.  He is now waiting for County permits to complete the work.

The house next door to the Buckhorn will also be renovated by Richard for employee housing.  The big brick Busch/Wells Fargo building will be renovated a bit later, tentatively planned to be a large workspace for a fine wood working studio with an apartment upstairs for the tenant.

-The Red Moose.  Restaurant open now, and year round! Open spring/ summer season Wednesdays –Sundays 8 am – 3 pm.  Winter 8 am – 2 pm : Thursday-Sunday. The Moose has rooms for lodging also.  (530) 862-1024

-Buttes Resort in Sierra City is open year round depending on snow load!  Cabins and rooms on the Yuba River. (530) 862-1170. 

-Don’t forget – the Yuba River Inn at Wild Plum on Hwy. 49 is open year round!   (530) 862-1122.

San Francisco State Field Campus at Bassetts

The campus has a new, and for the first time, full time year round director - Darrow Feldstein from SF State.  He has been at the campus readying it for the opening this past weekend.  Lots of snow shoveling and cleaning!  Our Land Trust via Laurie is helping the non-profit Friends of the San Francisco State Field Campus by keeping an eye out for grants to help with renovations at the campus.  Let us know if you have any leads.
The Campus has easy to register for extension courses focusing on the Sierra environment.  You do not have to be a student to take the classes which are usually about 4 days long. Meals and tent cabins included if needed.  A fun thing to do during your visit. Check out their website for current class schedule for the summer:
Great Trails Book

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the latest edition of “Feather River Country Adventure Trails”.  Good Christmas present.  It is easy to use, comprehensive, and accurate… and author Tom DeMund mentions the Land Trust!  Tom is one of our Patrons.  Thank you, Tom!


Some of our Favorites:

4th of July
Downieville -     Parade, BBQ etc., 9 am – 6 pm
Sierra City -       Music in the Meadows and BBQ, Sierra Pines, 5 pm - 9 pm.

Downieville Downhill Classic
This year the Classic will be held July 13 – 16.  Let us know if you would like to staff a table for a few hours for the Land Trust in Downieville or up at the start at Packer Saddle.  For more information on the race:

Kids Fishing Derby
Packer Lake.  7/22. 8:30 am.

Yuba Theatre Movies, Downieville
Most Friday nights: 7:30 – 9:00 pm.  Great old movies in a historic setting. 6/17, 7/14, 7/21, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18, 9/1.  For more information:

Music at the Mine
Kentucky Mine, Sierra City.  Saturday evenings: Sunday June 11 (Summerfest) 12 noon – 4 pm.  Regular Saturday evening concerts: June 24 (7pm), July 8 (7:30 pm), Aug 12 (7:30 pm), Aug 25 (7 pm).  For more information:

Sierra City Rod and Run
September 15 and 16.

Wine in the Woods
Sorroco’s, Sierra City.  9/30, 3- 6 pm.

Other Local Events
There are many others- It is best to check on details of your favorite event of past years or any of the above at the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce:


Sierra County Land Trust Volunteers Needed and Appreciated.
Please call if you are hankering to volunteer with us.

Sierra County Land Trust, PO Box 404, Sierra City, CA 96125  (530) 990-8043     email: