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The Sierra
Buttes/Lakes Basin:

There is much left to preserve

Sierra Buttes Map

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Our Mission

We take action in the most direct way: by purchasing land to preserve it for public use.

Our primary goal is to preserve the Sierra Buttes/Lakes Basin of Sierra County, located in the Central Sierra 50 miles north of Lake Tahoe. 

While much of the Lakes Basin is in the Tahoe National Forest, almost 3,000 acres are still privately owned, mostly old mining claims. This mix of public and private land threatens the Basin with inappropriate development which could destroy the area's unparalleled scenic, natural, and recreational value. Development may also affect the area's increasingly important role as a major water source for the North Fork of the Yuba River.

The Sierra County Land Trust seeks grant funds to purchase or acquire conservation easements on these remaining private lands, before it is too late.

Further, our on-going effort to preserve the Sierra Buttes/Lakes Basin includes:

  • Writing grant applications to find more funds, an ongoing and expensive process.
  • Conducting fund raising activities to create a long-term endowment fund to protect the Buttes/Lakes Basin.
  • Working with property owners to purchase land and conservation easements.
  • Managing the land we purchase.
  • Educating the public about the importance of preserving the Buttes and the Lakes Basin.