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Generous donations to the Sierra County Land Trust have been made in honor of:

The Nielsen family
John Shinn
Husband and son of Sara Hunt

"who loved these mountains"
Galileo, Niccolo, and Giulio
Dave Rothman
Salmon Lake Lodge and Christian Family
Abigail and River Henselman
Walter and Marie Wright
The Browning family
George and Thad Hale
Don and Jane Houser
The Phil Rush family
Cornelius P. Murphy
Jerre J. Sears


Generous donations to the Sierra County Land Trust have been made in memory of:

Judge Winslow Christian
Dorothy Hunt
Phyllis O'Gara Currens
Marguerite Lemmon
Bill MacQuattie, Packer Lake Lodge

George H Hale III
Pete and Flo Bates
Marty Rice
Hugh Edwards
Kenneth Evans
Malcolm McGregor
Madeline Muller Hibbards
Maureen Rodriguez
Yank Koyasako
Abbott Garcia
Kathy B. Hood
John C. Britton
Forest Scholpp
Fred and Inga Cornell
Rob and Helen Ahrens
Easton and Virginia Rothwell
Dr. Joseph A. Abbott
Jane McCarthy Stevens
Mary and Dan Pfiefer
Nancy Lee and Eric Manela
Ernst Gloe
Eugene Abbott
Kenneth J. Evans
Abbott Marshall Garcia
Donald Andrews
Pentti Hirvonen
  “In memory of may father, who took me to the
   Lakes basin for the first time around 1966.”Dorothy Hunt
Chandler Hunt
Inga and Fred Cornell
Leigh Trowbridge
Jerry and Marge Trumbly
Kathleen King
Bob Taylor
Hunter McCreary
James Bernard Crowley
Steve Bates
Phoebe Omein
Joanne Patheal
Terminator the Bear
Dolores Hertzberg
Linda Martin
Dr. Nancy Haslett



The following are patrons of the Sierra County Land Trust:

  • Megan Christian and Kenneth Wright
  • The family of Phyllis O'Gara Currens
  • The Hunt family
  • Bill MacQuattie
  • Maureen Meikle
  • The Parsons family
  • Nancy and John Wagner
  • The Trust for Public Land
  • The Rose Foundation
  • Susan Hopkins
  • Peter Davis
  • Sterling Speirn
  • The Reeves and Poppic Families


By donating to the Sierra County Land Trust, you will be an active participant in the preservation of the Sierra Buttes and the Lakes Basin.

You can make a donation by clicking on one of the PayPal links or by sending a check payable to:
Sierra County Land Trust, PO Box 404, Sierra City, CA 96125.

Donating through PayPal is simple and secure. Just click the donate button below and indicate the amount you would like to donate. This will take you to the PayPal web site where you will need to log-in or create an account. Below are recommended levels of donation

Donation Level

$5,000 - Patron
$1,000 - Sponsor
$500 - Conservator
$250 - Supporter
$100 - Associate
$50 - Friend
$25 - Donor

All donations are fully tax deductible.